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Industry Keynote: IKN-1: Jaime Teevan - "Building Bridges for the Hybrid Era"

Dr. Jaime Teevan: Chief Scientist &amp, Technical Fellow, Microsoft Corporation

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24 May 2022

We�??re in the middle of the most significant change to work practices that we�??re likely to see in our lifetimes. For the past several millennia, space has been the primary technology people have used to get things done. The coming Hybrid Work Era, however, will be shaped by digital technology, and our ability to successfully bridge between physical and digital contexts will require a human-centric approach to signal processing. In this talk I will give an overview of what research tells us about emerging work practices following the rapid move to remote and hybrid in March 2020, and discuss the opportunity for signal processing to create a new �?? and better �?? future of work (