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27 May 2022

Abstract The wireless research community has launched the 6G research effort and many large scale research programs have been established globally, with an unprecedented investment into early stage of 6G technologies research. Several progress in the 6G have been made in identify the use-cases research, the technology trends and developing the enabling wireless technologies. The research community in both academia and industries have shared common views in the key areas such as (1) the native AI, (2) integrated sensing and communication, (3) integrated terrestrial and non-terrestrial networks, (4) trustworthiness and (5) carbon-net-zero. However, from a vison concept to the technical practically, there are still gaps for the enabling technologies in the engineering feasibility aspects and how 6G technologies will enable the ICT markets in the time frame of 2030-2050. In this talk, we share our perspectives and the route to drive the 6G technologies into a reality.