Massive MIMO Systems with One-bit Spatial Sigma-Delta ADCs

24 Feb 2022
Dr. Sundeep Prabhakar Chepuri
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Time: 01:06:43
The use of wireless frequencies above 100 GHz has attracted considerable interest for both massive bandwidth communication links and very high resolution RADAR and sensing. Systems in these frequencies have unique characteristics in terms of device nonlinearities, MIMO architectures and radio propagation that in turn present significant design challenges.

This tutorial will provide an overview of recent results in the field in both the upper millimeter wave and THz frequencies from a signal processing perspective. The tutorial will provide a brief survey of new results in:
- THz devices and signal processing models for nonlinearities and power consumption;
- Channel modeling from both ray tracing and measurements;
- System studies and use cases.

The tutorial is intended for researchers interested in the field to help identify research problems and directions.

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