Fast Detection of Transformed Data Leaks

21 Oct 2019
Dr. Xiaokui Shu
Video Length / Slide Count:
Time: 00:54:37
This webinar, "Fast Detection of Transformed Data Leaks," will discuss how the leak of sensitive data across secure network boundaries is becoming one of the most critical concerns for many industries in the move towards digitalization, building worldwide information portals, and the cloud. Due to the complex causes of data leaks, developers and researchers have created an umbrella of methods to identify, mitigate, and prevent leaks in different scenarios. This data leak detection webinar begins with a few distinct data leak cases and real-world countermeasures to inspire the audience to discover research problems. Then we pick up one set of detection problems regarding data comparison and dive into a string of detection approaches from simple to complex. Different design requirements regarding the deployment needs will be discussed, followed by existing solutions in the literature or commercial products. The last part of the webinar will generalize sensitive data into knowledge, connect data leak detection with other rapidly growing fields, and discuss potential research directions in the near future.

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