A Policy-Based Security Architecture for Software-Defined Networks

18 Jun 2020
Dr. Vijay Varadharajan, Dr. Kallol K. Karmakar
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Time: 01:06:08
Future networks must provide services to a range of applications and devices with competing and perhaps conflicting requirements while simultaneously allowing flexible deployment. Software Defined Networks (SDN) have a critical role to play in securing such networks against sophisticated security attacks, with its ability to manage dynamically security policies for monitoring and controlling traffic and enforcing them via virtualized network functions. The main aim of this webinar is to discuss a policy-driven security architecture for securing end to end services across multiple SDN domains. ÿ

This webinar will begin with a very brief overview of the various security threats in an SDN environment. It will focus on the security threats that our security architecture is designed to address and describe our policy-based security architecture for a distributed SDN. The presenters will consider the specification of security policies and walk-through of the security architecture using an inter-domain scenario with multiple domains and SDN Controllers. Then they will outline the components of the security architecture and describe how the architecture can be used to counteract the various attack scenarios. Next, the presenters will present the implementation of the architecture and discuss some performance and security analysis results.ÿ

Finally, they will conclude this webinar by outlining our current work in leveraging SDN and NFV technologies, for secure provision and management of 5G-enabled network services and applications.

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