An Algorithmic Investigation of Hybrid Beamforming for 5G and Beyond Networks

21 Aug 2020
Xianghao Yu, Jun Zhang
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Time: 00:55:58
Large-scale antenna arrays, also known as massive MIMO, are key enablers for 5G and beyond networks, which, however, bring tremendous pressures on hardware cost and energy consumption. Hybrid beamforming architectures have been recently proposed as a promising solution for the cost-effective implementation of massive MIMO, but they also bring formidable challenges to beamforming algorithm design, which differs fundamentally from that of the fully digital one.

This webinar presents recent developments in this active area, introducing algorithms for different hardware architectures. A holistic approach will be taken, emphasizing on the three decisive aspects: 1) hardware efficiency (HE), i.e., the required hardware components; 2) computational efficiency (CE) of the associated beamforming algorithm; and 3) achievable spectral efficiency (SE). Through systematic investigation of design algorithms, the interplay and tradeoff among the three design aspects will be revealed, and promising candidates for hybrid beamforming in 5G and beyond systems will be identified.


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