Infinite-Dimensional Expansion for Sound Field Estimation with Application to Spatial Audio

20 Dec 2021
Dr. Natsuki Ueno and Dr. Shoichi Koyama
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Time: 01:00:53
Sound field estimation using a microphone array is a fundamental problem in acoustic signal processing, which has a wide variety of applications, such as visualization/auralization of an acoustic field, spatial audio reproduction using a loudspeaker array or headphones, and active noise cancellation in a spatial region. We recently proposed a sound field estimation method based on infinite-dimensional basis expansion of sound fields. This method can also be regarded as the kernel method for interpolation of sound fields with a constraint of the Helmholts equation under particular conditions. This new framework on the sound field estimation has many advantages over other well-established methods based on finite-dimensional basis expansion of sound fields.

This webinar will describe our studies on sound field estimation and its applications to spatial audio. We will start with background and preliminaries on sound field estimation. Then, we will introduce our proposed method based on infinite-dimensional wavefunction expansion of sound fields. Finally, we will discuss several applications on spatial audio, e.g., binaural rendering and sound field reproduction. Open-source codes of the proposed method with impulse response dataset will also be introduced.

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